Sr. Product Manager

Los Angeles, California

About this Candidate:
  • 10+ years experience
  • Companies/Clients: Accenture, DirecTV, Sony and NBCUniversal
  • Responsibilities/Skillset: Direct to Consumer OTT Solutions and Consulting + implementing, automating and integrating front and back-office tools, ERPs, Business Process Redesign, PMO and Analytics+ defining the North Star, Roadmapping for MVPs and leading agile scrum delivery in the Digital Media and Entertainment, e-commerce, Cloud Services, Payment Services, and Manufacturing industries.
  • Tools/Proficiencies: Jira, Mural, Confluence, Web CMS, Drupal, Amplitude, Mixpanel, Conviva, Tableau, Omniture, Google Analytics, Cognos, JavaScript, Salesforce, Smartsheet, Confluence, Slack, Zeplin, Sketch, Miro, SQL.